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Matt headwear is a multifunctional sports and casual accessory. Because it can be worn in seven different ways, one or more Matt scarfs can make the life of an athlete more comfortable in many different ways: in no time from a scarf to a bandana or a helmet cap to a hairband.

During sports the Matt scarf made from 100% polyester fiber existing and seamlessly knitted, offers endless comfort. Matt scarfs protect you amongst others against dust, hard raindrops, UV rays or irritant beads. Because of the special composition of the textile and its optimal ventilation properties the sweat is immediately discharged to the outside. So for instance when wearing it as a cap under the helmet, it creates a controlled and pleasant temperature-controlled and under the bike helmet it creates a dry and hygienic atmosphere.

Is your sports club (firm, shop, association,…) looking for a personalized scarf in the club colors whit name or logo? Matt has the possibility to produce such personalized designs.

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