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PROVIZ is the award winning International Sportswear & Accessories brand, specializing in enhanced visibility, lighting and accessories products.

The REFLECT360 Waterproof range is a world’s first and is taking reflectivity and safety to a new level. The high quality reflective material used picks up the slightest of light and the 360 Degree reflective visibility ensures you are seen from all angles, making your position easily identified and ensuring you attract the maximum attention.

The SWITCH range brings together the best of both worlds. Super bright and waterproof, high visibility yellow material on one side, and the incredibly reflective material that is used in our worldwide best-selling REFLECT360 range.

And there is TRIVIZ2, the self-contained, removable electroluminescent lighting panel that attaches exclusively to the products in the NIGHTRIDER range. It is charged by USB and easily attachable, providing users with the flexibility of attaching the system when required during hours of limited light or darkness. The TRIVIZ2 uses electroluminescent technology which is considerably more effective at night than LED Lighting.



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