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Military / Government

In the early days,

In 1992 R.A.-Company started as a distributor of bikes. Some years later we introduced these bike-accessories in the Sports and Outdoors. When around the year 2000 we received requests from government and industry for commercial of the shelve (COTS) products, we also specialized in sales to government, military, police and institutionals. First with sports- and outdoor COTS products, and somewhat later with specialised products in the atmosphere of personal protection, performance enhancing products and survival.

Rang e.

All our products fulfill basic needs and help POLICE & MILITARY, SECURITY & other PROFESSIONALS perform better , longer and safer:

Back- & daypacks • Ballistic eyewear • Battery system • Black&Combat Boots (safety, light, heavy, desert and other) • Caps (waterproof and other), head & neckwear • Clothing system (layers)or specific parts made to order for specialists/experst with specific demands • Covert protective vest • Gloves (waterproof, protective, pilot, riot, and other) • Helmet liner • Helmets (tactical, military, lightweight, full-coverage, high cut, …) • Hydration • Knee- and elbow (and other) protection • Multi- and other tools • Shoes • Socks (waterproof and other) • Survival gear • Technical clothing • Underwear (thermal, FR, moisture wicking) ...

The range has changed and evolved over the years, since we only want to offer the best possible quality at any time through recognized top BRANDS and BRANDS that have this potential.


All our brands share :

  • an innovative approach to product-development
  • a problem-solving approach
  • an eagerness to develop and grow through customer dialogue and feedback 
  • the will and organization to deliver bigger and smaller orders with the same guaranteed quality, cost-effectively and on time

All of these brands complement each other without real overlap. They are not in competition with each other but they complete each other in our range, each providing their own specialty products.