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About RA Company

In the early days, R.A.-Company was mainly a distributor of bikes (citybikes and mountainbikes).

Some years later we introduced the bike-accessories that we distributed in the Sports and Outdoors. To this day we have a strong foothold in these three branches with our bike and our sports- and outdoor department. When around the year 2000 we received requests from government and industry for commercial of the shelve (COTS) products, we created a department that since then specialized in sales to government, military, police and institutional sales. First with sports- and outdoor COTS products, and somewhat later with specialized products in the atmosphere of personal protection, performance enhancing products and survival.

In 2006 we started with our first shoe brand. Black uniform boots aimed at the specific retail for professionals.

In 2007 RA introduced FitFlop to the shoe branch and soon become an established supplier into that branch. Some brands are being distributed into the Sports and the shoe branch, others exclusively into the shoe branch.

From there, R.A.-Company has evolved as obvious to the world of fashion. With Black&Blanche – our own brand - we offer socks, tights, basics and a trendy clothing collection. Later also CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) followed with socks, underwear and shirts for the specialized shops for underwear, but also in sports, leisure and fashion.

Currently we have a balanced portfolio of which many products connect well to each other and we are active (in a dedicated way) in many sectors that can offer additional opportunities for certain brands. Who knows what the next challenge will bring !